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Workshop #2: Wood Construction Value Chain

Updated: Mar 20

Offer: We tested and refined pathways to solutions by leveraging insights gained from the initial workshop, concentrating on three specific scenarios that could guide future collaborative efforts. A primary objective was to identify new avenues for collaboration, recognizing the enthusiasm of engineers who, driven by quantitative metrics, expressed a keen interest in further developing tools alongside members of Bauhütte 4.0 (BH4.0). Additionally, the workshop addressed a significant challenge posed by the Holzbaurichtlinie (building guidelines), strategically exploring creative workarounds as part of a proactive approach to enhance fire safety within the industry. Furthermore, we catalyzed a substantial debate on the optimal approach to engage with regulators and politicians, with a specific focus on streamlining bureaucracy and eliminating unnecessary regulations that could impede progress. In essence, the workshop dealt with the identification of new collaborative prospects, proactive measures for addressing fire safety challenges, and active engagement in a substantial debate regarding regulatory approaches to spur innovation and efficiency in engineering practices.

3 initial scenarios:

1. Starting with wood(s): Discussions were initiated by emphasizing the importance of leveraging wood resources, highlighting the potential for regional market development while considering sustainable forest management practices.

2. Urban Potentials: Compelling cases were presented, demonstrating the quantified benefits and scalability of wood construction. Focus was placed on cost-efficiency and reduced construction times, positioning wood as a competitive solution in urban environments.

3. Topping up Berlin: Stakeholders were engaged in discussions addressing the optimization and scaling of topping up projects across the city. Emphasis was placed on seamless connectivity among actors involved in architectural endeavors throughout Berlin.

4 Takeaway:

1. Digitization: Engineers show enthusiasm for collaboration and further development of tools within BH4.0, presenting new avenues for partnership and innovation in digitization efforts.

2. Fire Safety: Addressing challenges posed by the Holzbaurichtlinie, creative solutions are sought to navigate design constraints and cost implications, highlighting proactive approaches in fire safety measures.

3. Regulation and Lobbying: Engaging in a significant debate surrounding approaches to regulators and politicians, the focus lies on reducing bureaucracy and unnecessary regulations to facilitate smoother processes in the industry. This is necessary both on communal, state, and national level and can only be successful when tackling at all levels and creating necessary leverage for a shift in political agenda.

4. Costs: Identifying potential pathways to address cost concerns, the emphasis is on generating more use cases, scaling up operations, and achieving seamless integration, particularly in digital interoperability throughout the entire process chain. Developing business strategies and cases focusing on the unique features of wood construction (compared with the “conventional” model) are of great importance and will be investigated within the Bauhütte 4.0 network.

We would like to thank all participants for their valuable contributions. The following companies and organizations were represented:

Brandschutz +

Sauerbruch Hutton

Knippers Helbig

Deimel Oelschläger Architekten

CHORA conscious city

swp Architekten

Playze Timber GmbH

Arup GmbH

Ingenieurbüro Rabinovic

Scharabi Architekten

Präger Richter

Jan-Peter Koppitz

Timbatec Holzbauingenieure

This event takes place as part of a grant from Built by Nature.

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