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Sustainable Real Estate with "Get Better" PSD Bank

Prof. Dr. Holger Kohl , deputy director of the institute, Fraunhofer IPK , and Vice President of Bauhütte 4.0 gave the lecture on the topic "Industrieller serieller Geschosswohnungsbau in Holz" (Industrial serial multi-storey residential building in timber) under the networking event, organized by PSD Bank blog-"Get better". Date: 29 February 2024 Location: PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg eG GET BETTER - Nachhaltiges Bauen: Impulse aus der Praxis

Photo: Daniel Mohaupt, Board Member, PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg eG, Torsten Nehls, Managing Partner, Belle Époque Group, Alexandra Decker, Board Member, Cemex Deutschland AG, Dr. Daniel Pehle, Partner, Mazars Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, and Prof. Dr. Holger Kohl, deputy director of the Fraunhofer IPK institute | PSD Bank Berlin-Brandenburg - retrieved from

The lecture explained explained the advantages and possibilities of industrial-serial multi-story construction made from wood referred to the potential of timber harvesting in the state of Berlin.

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